The Orchard Park Central School Alumni Organization oversees the administration of several scholarships. The association’s scholarship program was initiated in 1998 as part of the school district’s Century of Excellence program.

  • The Orchard Park Central School Alumni Association provides two to three scholarships to graduating seniors. These scholarships are funded by the generous donations of Alumni Association members, businesses, and other individuals. One or two scholarships are allocated for students pursuing college or university education. One scholarship is dedicated to a student pursuing community college or trade school further education.
  • The Elmer Handel Memorial Scholarship is awarded in honor of the former superintendent of schools. It is sponsored by his children, Millicent Handel Wilson and Geoffrey Handel.
  • The Class of 1983 Memorial Scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors who have made a significant impact on the lives of others.  In this way, the scholarship honors former Class of 1983 students whose lives were sadly cut short. To contribute specifically to this scholarship, please choose “Class of 1983” radio button below. 

If you would like to donate to the OP Alumni Association’s Scholarship Fund, please use the accompanying online sign-up form.

You can also send a check to:

Orchard Park Alumni Association
PO Box 928
Orchard Park, NY 14127

If you have questions, please email us at

Donor Recognition

OP Alumni Scholarship Donor Recognition

Thank you to our growing list of generous donors to the OP Alumni Association’s Scholarship Fund. We appreciate all contributions at all levels to support graduating seniors who apply and are awarded one of our scholarships.


Scholarship Benefactors – $1,000 +

  • Kathleen Swartz, in tribute to Nancy Warren Kamm (Class of 1957)

Century Club – $500 +

  • Nancy Steiger Braswell (Class of 1968)
  • Grant Brekke (Class of 1975), Brekke Sales
  • Victoria D’Angelo (Class of 1968), in tribute to Grace D’Angelo Tutton.
  • Gloria J. Miller (Class of 1970) in memory of Phyllis M. Hartloff
  • John Myers (Class of 1978), Myers Building Services LLC
  • Mike Stedem (Class of 1968)

Boosters – $100 to $499

  • Karen Allison (Class of 1975) in honor of David Haley (Class of 1983)
  • Grant Brekke (Class of 1975)
  • Barbara Brott Myers for Class of 1951
  • Joyce Brown Bartholomew (Class of 1968)
  • Ann Collins Joyner (Class of 1965)
  • Guy P. Devitt (Class of 1968)
  • Kevin Donoghue
  • Alice Marquart for Class of 1957
  • Milestrip Storage, Lexi Best
  • Nancy Rassiga Trip (class of 1968)
  • Ken Reese (Class of 1975)
  • Rae Ann Reese (Class of 1956), in memory of Ronald G. Reese (Class of 1955)
  • Jaclyn Rice (Class of 1978), Howard Hanna Real Estate
  • Al and Sue Sager (Class of 1958)

Supporters – $50 to $99

  • Jack Warning (Class of 1953)

Friends – $25 to $49

  • Peter D’Errico (Class of 1975)
  • Edmond Jensen, Jr. (Class of 1975)
  • Priscilla Pirozella
  • Dorothy Schram Margonis (Class of 1968)
  • Scott Miller (Class of 1975)
  • Paul Scheeler (Class of 1980)
  • Craig Schmid (Class of 1975)
  • Kent Schmid (Class of 1978)
  • Gregg Stalker (Class of 1975)
  • Tim Stalker
  • Guy Steinmetz (Class of 1975)
  • Tom Williams (Class of 1975)
  • Robert Wilson (Class of 1975)